Cancer Angels of San Diego


The Good News

People can live for years with Stage IV cancer due to the many advances of research.

The Bad News

financial support for stage IV cancer patients in San DiegoThe treatments necessary to keep them alive usually cause severe side effects such as nausea, weakness, terrible aches and pains, disabling fatigue…imagine trying to work in such a miserable physical and mental state. These people can’t. Since they can no longer work, they are unable to pay for the basic necessities of life, including rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food, gas and car repairs, etc. The reality is, this could happen to you, me, or someone we love.

The Reality

  • There are over 12,000 people in San Diego County currently going through cancer treatment.
  • Over 3,000 of those patients are stage IV and are literally in the fight of their lives.
  • Most of them cannot afford the cost of treatment and keep a roof over their heads.

Many decide to give up treatment and try to work for as long as they can. This forced choice adds an additional hardship to their lives at a time when they are least able to cope with it. Often, these individuals carry tremendous guilt because they have to continually ask family and friends for financial help.


Through tax deductible donations like yours, Cancer Angels of San Diego (501c3) distributes funds to landlords or mortgage holders and utility companies, offers gift cards from grocery stores, provides gas cards from gas stations, gift cards to clothing stores, and funds for other services that are essential for living. Cancer Angels of San Diego does not provide monies directly to its clients. Payments are made only to the provider(s) of the services needed by the client.  These funds bring great relief to the patients under our wings, so they can focus on the fight.  With our current funding we are able to help over 30 patients each month and have provided over half a million dollars in direct support, but there are many more in need of help.  We need more contributions to reach them all.

This is Kelly, one of the angels under our wings: